CROPS EU-project

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Clever Robots for Crops

Intelligent sensing and manipulation for sustainable production and harvesting of high value crops

Welcome to the homepage of Crops. Crops was a large-scale integrating FP7 EU project in the theme Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies within the call: Automation and robotics for sustainable crop and forestry management.

The project started in October 2010 and was accomplished in September 2014.

CROPS has developed scientific know-how for a highly configurable, modular and clever carrier platform that includes modular parallel manipulators and intelligent tools (sensors, algorithms, sprayers, grippers) that can be easily installed onto the carrier and are capable of adapting to new tasks and conditions. Several technological demonstrators have been developed for high value crops like greenhouse vegetables, fruits in orchards, and grapes for premium wines. The CROPS robotic platform is capable of site-specific spraying (targets spray only towards foliage and selective targets) and selective harvesting of fruit (detects the fruit, determines its ripeness, moves towards the fruit, grasps it and softly detaches it). Another objective of CROPS was to develop techniques for reliable detection and classification of obstacles and other objects to enable successful autonomous navigation and operation in plantations and forests. The agricultural and forestry applications share many research areas, primarily regarding sensing and learning capabilities.

Below a number of photos from the different demonstrators which are under development. From left to right: Sweet-pepper harvesting robot, apple harvesting robot, close range precision spraying robot and canopy optimized spraying robot.

Crops demonstrators

For target object detection much work is done on sensing and intelligent sensor fusion and learning algorithms.

Crops sensing examples

A collection of video clips can be found in the Videos section of the website.

You can also download the CROPS project leaflet (PDF, 602 kB) and a general CROPS overview poster (PDF, 510 kB).


February 2015 was the start of SWEEPER, an innovation driven international research programme for the development of the first generation market ready sweet pepper harvesting robot. SWEEPER partners will further develop the sweet-pepper harvesting robot from the previous European project CROPS



The CROPS project is subsidized by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Programme (CROPS GA no 246252).

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