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Final Crops workshop

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The final CROPS workshop was held on Wednesday July 9th, 2014 during the AgEng conference in Zürich.

"CROPS EU-project - Final workshop"
9th July h.9:00-17:00, Room HGF1, ETH - Zurich (CH)

Details and suggestions about the venue can be found at


h.9.15    Welcome and intro

h.9.20    CROPS: high tech agricultural robots  - Bontsema - WUR & all (CROPS overview- C0141)  (download paper)

h.9.40    Assessing a fleet of robots for herbicide applications – Debilde/Gonzalez-de-Santos (RHEA project - C0525 ) (download paper)

h.10.00  CROPS Evaluation of economic viability, social aspects, sustainability and exploitation of robotic systems - WUR & all (economics, social, sustainability - C0399) (download paper)

AgEng Coffee break

h.10.50  A modular robot system for agricultural applications – TUM (Modular system- C0310) (download paper)

h.11.10  Path Planning for a Fruit Picking Manipulator -TUM (Manipulator control - C0309) (dowlnoad paper)

h.11.30  A robot for harvesting sweet-pepper in greenhouses - WUR (Harvesting sweet-pepper - C0114) (dowlnoad paper)

h.11.50  Grasp quality measures based on point cloud input - BGU (Grasping quality analysis - C0215) (dowlnoad paper)

h.12.10  Stability of Compliant Planar Robotics Grasp with Application to Fruits Grasping - BGU (Fruit grasping - C0221) (dowlnoad paper)

AgEng Lunch

h.13.30  Apple detection algorithm for robotic harvesting using a RGB-D camera - KUL (Apple detection and harvesting - C0229) (dowlnoad paper)

h.13.50  Image registration for agriculture tasks – BGU & UL (Orchard sensing - C0677) (dowlnoad paper)

h.14.10  Optical measurement techniques for the ripeness determination of Braeburn apples –KUL & INIA (Ripeness sensing - C0200) (dowlnoad paper)

h.14.30  LIDAR-based control of automated orchard sprayer -UL (Canopy sensing for optimal spraying - C0223) (dowlnoad paper)

h.14.50  Selective precision spraying of grapevine’s diseases by CROPS robot platforms – UNIMI & UL & TUM (Disease sensing and intelligent spraying - C0612) (dowlnoad paper)

AgEng Coffee break

h.15.40  Moving spraying arm with internal airflow for air-assisted orchard sprayer - UL (Canopy spraying arm with internal airflow - C0224) (dowlnoad paper)

h.16.00  Passive, adaptive grippers as end-effectors for agricultural applications - Festo company

h.16.20 Fluorescence sensors for CROPS  - FORCE-A company

h.16.40 Short discussion of posters presented

h.16.55  CROPS-Robot project: Closing remarks


Posters presented

C0231   Motion planning algorithm and its real-time implementation in apples harvesting robot – KUL (dowlnoad paper)

C0345   Design of drive units for agricultural robots – TUM (dowlnoad paper)

C0137   Depth Based Fruit Detection from Partial Pose Estimation using Symmetry – BGU (dowlnoad paper)

C0145   Digital segmentation algorithms development for temporal assessment of physical variables of vine grapes (Var. Cabernet Sauvignon) and its relationship with their quality and yield –INIA

C0625   Sensor fusion of multispectral and hyperspectral imaging: preliminary analysis of disease detection in grapevine - UNIMI+BGU (dowlnoad paper)


Download also our general CROPS project leaflet.

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