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WP10: Dissemination

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Screenshot Crops dissemination siteThis work-package aims to adopt and put in practice appropriate actions to openly disseminate at different level the achievements of the project to the scientific community, to European industry, to the farmers.
During the whole project period, dissemination activity has been continued on a regular basis mainly through the dedicated webpage of CROPS website, through publication of scientific papers on journals and to international conferences in the field of agricultural and biosystem engineering, robotics, industrial automation, artificial intelligence, as well as through specialized webpages or technical journals and newspapers or on farmers magazines.

Please have a look on the dissemination section of the website for current overview.

Since CROPS started a total of 24 articles in specialized webpages or technical journals and newspapers; 9 popularizing articles on farmers magazines; 46 presentations (with 39 extended papers) at international scientific conferences, 7 papers on scientific journals and 2 submissions currently under review, have been produced by the consortium.

CROPS project was also one of the main subjects of the science popularizing TV programme “SuperQuark” broadcasted by the Italian network Rai Uno on July 2012 and a special report on TV channel Euronews is planned.

Popularizing description of selected experiments and explicative videos aimed to demonstrate the main capabilities of developed subsystems and their possible applications have been published on the homepage of CROPS website, keeping a noticeable interest share indicated by an average download rate of about 200 downloads per month for each video clip.
Formal contacts with other FP7-projects focused on area of field robotics or advanced crop production have been maintained and strengthen, with the general aim of ensuring circulation of information between consortia and for reinforcing dissemination activity through joint actions, especially with RHEA project consortium.

A CROPS final workshop is being organised as a special session within the International conference of agricultural engineering AgEng2014 to be held in Zurich, 6-10 July 2014. CROPS consortium will invite external guests in the view of enlarge the dissemination action beyond academia. The final workshop will have two sub-sessions: one research-oriented and a second more dissemination-oriented toward industry, final users and technical press dissemination. All the contributions presented at the workshop will be collected in a booklet on "Final workshop of CROPS project" for further distribution of project outcomes.

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