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Jentjens partner page

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P15 Jentjens Machinetechniek B.V. – Jentjens (NL)

Jentjens Machinetechniek B.V., an SME located in Veghel, The Netherlands, develops and builds machines and systems that automate assembly and production handling. We do this for a number of carefully selected markets that have very specific demands and constraints. Markets that we know and understand include food and horticulture. We develop goal oriented answers to specific questions that arise in the above mentioned markets. We offer clients integrated total solutions including project management, engineering, realization, maintenance and service. We specialize in automated oriented handling: picking up, moving and accurately positioning a wide variety of products and parts. To do this we employ a variety of technologies including robotics vision technology, transportation, product handling, feeding and tray handling. Jentjens is a system integrator, specialized in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensures that those subsystems will function together. Successful examples of Jentjens’ system integration skills are the following horticulture related projects:  Rombomatic. This equipment consistently judges, selects, clips, powders and plants cuttings in pots or trays. Jentjens already installed 15 Rombomatic production lines including 45 robot/vision systems in Europe and Canada in greenhouses.  Cutting system. This system recognizes the best place on the cuttings to picks up the cuttings and insert it into a pot or tray.  Rose harvester. This system is able to determine roses in moving gutter systems, to select ripe roses, to fixate the rose knob and to follow the stem to the cutting point and harvest this ripe rose, fully automatically.

Major activities in CROPS

Jentjen's role in the CROPS project is focused mainly on transforming specifically designed subsystems into practical, useful harvesting equipment. Jentjens’ employees from the engineering department will be involved during the design stage to discuss all the subsystems needed for harvesting sweet peppers with the different subsystem design teams. Jentjens will integrate these subsystems into a proof of concept functional testmodel to prove basic functions needed to harvest sweet peppers. Also, Jentjens engineers will be involved during the laboratory tests and practical functional tests in a sweet pepper greenhouse to improve this functional testmodel.


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