CROPS EU-project

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SLU partner page

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P14 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU – Faculty of Forest Sciences (SE)

SLU is a university with a strong research profile. It has 2600 employees, 700 postgraduate students, and 3600 undergraduate students. The faculty of Forest Sciences is the largest forest research organization in Europe with 450 people employed. The annual turnover at the faculty is €40 million, and 60% of that goes to research. SLU has successfully participated in a wide array of 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Framework Programme research projects – in several of these SLU was Project Coordinator. In CROPS, SLU will fulfill the role of expert forest, forestry, and general forest technology consultant.

Major activities in CROPS

SLU will be involved in the forestry application workpackage (WP8) and in the sensing workpackage (WP2). The primary work will be in the development and testing of techniques for obstacle detection in forest environments. SLU will also work with tasks concerning ground bearing capacity and will work on designing a methodology for reducing ground damage during forestry operations.