CROPS EU-project

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TUM partner page

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P08 Technical University Munich – TUM (DE)

The Institute of Applied Mechanics (TUM AM) at the Technical University Munich employs more than 30 members, including more than 20 Ph.D. students. About 50% of Institute finances is provided by the Bavarian state budget and 50% comes from research foundations and industry. Seven staff members provide technical support for the research projects in different fields like mechanical and electrical manufacturing in the in-house workshops. The members of AM are specialists with different academic backgrounds like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, mechatronics and physics. Through effective cooperation, their interdisciplinary teamwork results in new and innovative solutions. The main focus of research at AM can be titled “Dynamics, Control and Optimization of Mechatronic Systems in Theory and Experiment”. Special emphasis is placed on the overall modeling of complex and nonlinear mechanical systems, which can often be considered the basis for successful optimization procedures and high performance control strategies. Besides fundamental research, the bilateral interaction between theory and experiment plays a key role at AM. Different machines, such as the unique hydraulic, electromagnetic, and piezoelectric actuators, different biologically-inspired walking machines (two-legged, six-legged and eight-legged mechanisms), a sophisticated multi-fingered hand, a parallel kinematical motion platform, actively stabilized rotor systems with fluid-structure interaction, and a flexible cutting mechanism, to name just a few, have been developed over the years. The research results have been published in journal papers, congresses, and exhibitions (e.g. several times at the Hannover fair), but they have also been telecast on popular science programmes. The entire list of publications (5 books, more than 60 journal papers and more than 200 contributions in proceedings) can be found at

Major activities in CROPS

TUM's main focus is in this project will be as the leader of WP1 (Systems Engineering) and WP3 (Manipulators and End-Effectors). The major tasks will be the coordination of the technical requirements and specifications analysis, the integration of the whole system (WP1), and the development of a manipulator system with a low-level control (WP3).