CROPS EU-project

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UniMi partner page

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P06 Università degli Studi di Milano – UniMi (IT)

The Università degli Studi di Milano is a public teaching and research university, with 9 faculties, 58 departments, 48 institutes, and 65000 enrolled students. It is a highly regarded resource for the socio-economic context of Lombardy, one of the most dynamic regions in the EU, standing at the forefront of the European economy and technological innovation in several sectors. UniMi is a leading institution for scientific productivity in both basic and applied research, with a proactive role in science, technology, and economics in national and international networks. The Department of Agricultural Engineering, with a history that can be traced back to the end of the 19th century under the name “Agricultural Machinery Institute”, conducts its teaching and research activities in both the classical and the most advanced topics of Agricultural Engineering, with special emphasis on farm and food machinery, ergonomic and safety issues, information technologies and modeling for farm mechanisation, sensors and automation for biosystems and bioprocesses, rural buildings and landscape planning, hydrology, water, and environment management. Among the facilities of the Department are a mechanical workshop for manufacturing prototypes and testing equipment, a fully equipped electronic lab, a testing laboratory for tractor protection structures, and safety devices. Research personnel at UniMi has free access to all faculty facilities at the 70 ha experimental farm in Landriano (PV) and in the greenhouses for phytopathological assays.

Major activities in CROPS

UniMi will lead the Dissemination workpackage (WP 10) and contribute to Training (WP9) and Demonstration (WP11). Major research contribution will be focused on disease sensing (WP2) and high precision targeted spraying (WP7).