CROPS EU-project

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UMEA partner page

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P05 UMEA University – UMU (SE)

Umeå University is one of Sweden's foremost teaching and research universities, with an enrolment of around 29,000 students. Senior academic personnel number around 1770. UMU has successfully participated in a wide array of 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Framework Programme research projects – in several of which UMU fulfilled the role of Project Coordinator. The Computing Science department is participating in the recently funded FP7 project RESERVOIR. The cognitive computing group is involved in a number of research projects: Ubiquitous computing (cognitive prostheses, smart home environments, activity recognition); Reality-based interaction (computer models of how the brain behaves during interaction); Human-robot interaction (robot learning by cooperation between humans and robots); Computational models of interaction; Robotics (behaviour analysis); Design of interacting systems and Network based interaction; Clinical decision-support systems (formal methods for clinical reasoning, formation of hypotheses and distributed decision making in interaction with knowledge based systems).   

Major activities in CROPS

UMU will lead WP8 on forestry applications related to the CROPS system. UMU will also contribute significantly to WP1 in the development of the supervisory control system and to WP4 in the development of the learning framework and specific learning algorithms.